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Icon20 1176610ln - absolute perfection


today I am writing about my 116610LN. Where do I even begin?????? To preface this review, the 116610LN was my FIRST Rolex that I bought with 100% my own money. I was a special purchase, as I had just purchased my future wife's engagement ring and this was my present to myself for a job well done on the ring (pats on back )

The Rolex Submariner has a storied lineage and a special place in the Rolex catalog. The 116610 is especially notable, as it harkened the era of the supercase. With that stated lets jump right into the review.


The 116610LN is an absolutely brilliant watch. The polished bezel hits the light just right and the 904L oyster steel shines in a way that traditional 316L just can't. The difference is astonishing. The dial is dark black and the bezel matches. Some people find that boring. I do not. This is a watch that due to its looks fits every occasion. Now everyone and their mother says that, but how many really put that application into play? I buy my watches to use it, and use it I do. I will admit I am on the younger side, and I have worn the sub with board shorts, tank top, and a hat on dozens of occasions during day drinking at the beach bars and around the beach. It looks fantastic and not out of place. I wore it during my wedding, where it fit fantastic, and have worn it with a tux on numerous occasions. It is simple, classic, elegant and checks all the right boxes without fail.


This watch feels fantastic on the wrist. The oyster flex bracelet is tastefully tapered to as to come narrow at the clasp. It feels magnificent, and a substantial upgrade from the prior submariner generation. The links feel solid....because they are. It is so comfortable that you can easily forget you are wearing it. I don't have the biggest wrist, and this watch does not overpower. Granted I do lift and am fairly in shape with significant muscle size. But the watch fits well. Case in point, my best friend at his wedding wore my sub, and he is tiny - five foot 6 and 145lbs. He got a DJ41 for his wedding present and that watch looked significantly chunkier on his wrist than the sub did. It didn't look horrible, but just slightly too big in comparison to how the sub fit. Despite the supercase the sub fits well on the wrist. Huge difference than the chunky case of my 41MM Tudor Blackbay (first gen in-house movement - can't remember the reference).

The clasp itself isn't that big. Unless you have multiple Rolex's, the clasp of the submariner is not going to bother you one bit. It is bigger than the Daytona, GMT etc due to the fact that it houses the glide lock mechanism. This mechanism is so brilliant in its design I don't know what I did without it. It allows you to micro adjust the bracelet whenever you want. It has a good amount of notches to play with as well, and thus significant adjustments can be made. I live in Florida, and thus when it gets hot here my wrists swell. I can easily adjust the bracelet for summer months, and tighten it up during cooler seasons. This is something that once you have you yearn for on your other Rollies. My 126711CHNR does not have this feature and it is significant. What's worse, is that the gold in that watch make the watch heavier, further substantiating discomfort in comparison to the SS sub.


The 116610 utilizes the 3135 movement. It has a 48 hour power reserve. The 31 jewel movement is a tried and tested movement that was in a significant amount of models and lineups during its run. The movement was introduced in 1988 and ran for over 30 years. It is the most successful and utilized movement in Rolex's history. Now sure there is the 3235 and all the jazz about that with its 72 hour power reserve. I am not saying it isn't better, but the 3135 is far better than the majority of movements out there. You are getting a tried and tested workhorse movement that had stood the test of time, and durability. There isn't much more to say about that.

All in all this is a fantastic watch. The watch is a staple in my day to day lineup, and has faithfully lived up to the iconic submariner name. I have taken it into the sea, lakes, bars, hiking, and it still looks like a million bucks. People say well lots of people have subs....well good for freaking them. I don't care, and if that is something that bothers you; then don't buy one. It is simple and complex at the same time. There is depth, character and style that is unique to this reference. It is a wonderful watch that I wouldn't sell to save the world......let it burn

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Excuse the absolute idiot move on my part with the typo in the title.....
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You can edit the title.

But I knew what you meant even without a mandatory picture.

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Nice review, glad you’re enjoying it
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Great Watch
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Enjoy and congratulations
1675, 14060M, 16600, 16610, 16610LV, 16622, 16700LN
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I love the story, never sell this!!
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Now thats some enthousiasm!
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