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Tudor Pelagos or Black Bay

So I'm a couple of months away from buying my first "real" watch. The watch I wanted was the the no date sub but everything changed. I tried on the black bay black and the pelagos, and I have to say those are two great looking pieces. I really like the dial on the pelagos. The square indices are my favorite part. The black bay is also a beautiful watch.

I definitely will buy the Rolex way down the road.
For now, I think it will be the black pelagos.

The price at the local AD is $1,000 more than online (Jomashop, Watchmax). Is the factory warranty worth the extra grand?
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You know the answer.

Buy pre owned from a trusted seller here on TRF. You will save more then a $1000 off MSRP and most likely be able to find a late model with the majority of warranty remaining.

I have a Black Bay love it to bits.

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Of those two, I much prefer the Pelagos
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you can get warranty and $1k off from trusted sellers. stay away from jomashop.
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These guys have already pointed you in the right direction.

Both are phenomenal watches - you can't go wrong either way.
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Thanks guys. Great advise.
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I used the services of DavidSW to get my (then-new) Burgundy Black Bay. Couldn't be happier - and as someone said above, you can get the warranty card and $1k off from trusted sellers here. I went with the BBR as my wrists aren't that huge - and I prefer the classier look since I tend to wear suits often.
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Black bay all the way! And I now own three “real” watches, each purchased from trusted sellers here!
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I was wondering the same thing until I found this well done review:
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I like the blackbay
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I’m a fan of the Black Bay, love the vintage / modern styling combo! I have the M79730 incoming this week. Either way, you can’t go wrong!
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Kevin of Larchmont
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Pelagos all the way. Nothing else like it. There's a whole bunch of Black Bays just like the Black Bay.
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I bought a pre-owned Black Bay from Govberg last year and I was very pleased with them. I've been in contact with them since then about some different watches and they are always great to work with. I also have used DavidSW and I was very impressed. I would recommend looking at both of them.
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Black bay is closer to the sub , pelagos is a real tool watch and can be a bit limited as the bb can be worn in almost all occasions .
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i like black day
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This is my 1st post in the forum as I've just registered.

There is no simple answer to what you are asking. First of all, have you tried both watches in your wrist? That will give you a good idea on wich watch feels nicer...

Furthermore, the BB is a Steel watch, the Pelagos is made of Titanium and although that material has tons of benefits (lighter, hypoalergenic, etc) it comes also with some disadvantages, especially the non-hardened Ti that Tudor uses: it sratches very easily and it is slightly more difficult to polish than a steel watch.

Also, the BB is substantially cheaper and more popular, that means that it will probably retain value a little better. The BB is extremelly versatile, like the Submariner. The Pelagos is more of a toolwatch, you cannot use it with formal atire. The Pelagos has far better water resistance, much better Lume and a fantastic lumed ceramic bezel (vs aluminum on the BB). The clasp on the Pelagos is superior as it uses springs to compensate for wrist variations due to temperature.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider while buying your 1st luxury piece. Personaly I would go for the pelagos LHD as I like more the color and I believe is more unique (+ I am a Divemaster so I love the toolwatch approach). However I have already a Sub and an Explorer II, this would also make my decision easier. To be honest, my next buy will probably be the BB Heritage Chrono because it is quirky. Whatever you decide, good luck and I really hope you will enjoy it for many years. I salute you.
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Have both and both have their merits.

If it were my only watch I would go with the BB. And probably the eta black bay. And probably the black eta black bay.

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I like the B.B.
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I own a Black Bay 41 as well as the Tudor Pelagos with ETA movement. I love both but I think the bracelet of the Pelagos gives it the edge slightly.
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Had both BB and Pelagos.
Both of them with the ETA movement.

Nowadays I wear a 114060.
So I believe that I have been there already for you.

Pelagos is hands down the best watch I ever had.
It is one of the best diver watches out there and it has crazy VFM.
If you could have a pre-owned Pelagos with the ETA movement in fair price, do not hesitate.
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I have a BB red eta superb watch however I was out the other night and notices someone wearing a

Pelagos blue...the watch to be noticed with
Its superb...and may be worth you looking at there is nothing else like it and a definite alternative to the watches above
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I'm much more partial to a pelages. Super comfortable, and flies under the radar.
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I almost got a new Pelagos blue but that soft titanium was the deal killer. I vote BB.
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