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Icon20 ◄▀▄▀▄▀ Rules & Advice - Please read this page entirely ▀▄▀▄▀►

The Buy/Sell Board is solely for the use of "The Rolex Forums" (TRF) members as a convenience to members who wish to purchase, sell, or trade watches and watch related paraphernalia only. It is not to be used for any commercial purposes.

TRF has no control over the authenticity or quality of the items advertised, the truth or accuracy of the descriptions, the ability of sellers to deliver items, or the ability of buyers to pay for items. TRF cannot ensure that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction. TRF cannot verify the actual identity of buyers or sellers or the authenticity of the goods for sale. TRF accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any transaction or purchase made between any parties as a result of any postings made on any TRF forum.

Buyers are strongly recommended to undertake due diligence with any questions being satisfactorily answered prior to a cent/penny being handed over. If in doubt, walk away from the deal.

This site is not to be used for the commercial exploitation or self-promotion of a business or for any other commercial activity, unless specifically approved by the site administrators. Dealer posts within the "Buy/ Sell" Board are not permitted. Any posts that have a link, or similar, to the user's own or any other business or commercial activities are not permitted and will be deleted.

Any non-genuine, replica or fake watches or any other goods are not permitted to be sold on TRF and will result in a ban.

Forum members must be current "Pledge" members to qualify to post an item on the sales board.

Pics of the actual item being listed must be posted along with the ad

Only the original poster and mod/admin team are allowed to post in an ad

No direct links to Photobucket etc or the item being sold on other sites

No links to commercial or other watch discussion forums

A maximum of five listings per day (24 hours) is allowed

Only one item is allowed per listing. Multiple listings and or repeated threads of the same item will be removed.

The item you are selling or listing must be included in the title of your post.

Any item listed must be legally owned by you and in your possession at the time you list it

Anything being offered must be included in the pictures. Boxes, accessories etc...

Anything that is not original to the watch must be disclosed. For example...a dial and or hand set change. Diamond bezels and dials

WTS(want to sell)= description with picture of actual watch for sale, and a price contact details etc

WTB(want to buy)= description and name of watch

WTT (Sell or Trade) = description, clear picture(s) of actual watch, for sale or trade price etc.

The price listed must be the maximum price the seller will accept. The seller may reduce the price during the course of the listing if they so desire.

BUMP - Once every 48 hrs.

If a moderator removes your FS ad for any reason and said moderator permits you to re list the item after any necessary corrections are made you must wait 48 hours to re list the item. Re listing an item after removal by a moderator is at the sole discretion of the moderator.

Upon completion of a transaction, the seller or buyer should post a message to that effect.

Any violation of the rules will result in an immediate removal of the thread and/or the right to post any further items in this sub-forum.

************************************************** ****************************

Forum Permissions and Rules
Please note the following rules relating to posting items for sale on TRF.

1. A member must be a current "Pledge" member before being allowed to post a thread on the Sale Board. (NOTE: Once you become a Pledge member you must wait up to 24 hours for the requirement to register.)

2. A For Sale post must contain the following information:
a. At least one clear picture of the actual watch being offered for sale or trade.
b. A description of the watch to the extent necessary to provide sufficient information about the watch for prospective buyers to make an informed decision.
c. An asking price for the watch, including information on shipping and Paypal or equivalent (if used) charges. The initial asking price may be lowered at the option of the seller, but may not be increased.

3. All negotiations relating to the sale and purchase of the watch should be conducted through PMs or e-mail. DO NOT CONDUCT PRICE NEGOTIATIONS IN THE OPEN.

4. Only watches and watch related items may be sold on TRF.

5. Only posts that are directly related to the sale and purchase of the item will be permitted. All other posts will be deleted and the poster will be given infraction points.

6. No replies to sale posts are permitted (or possible). All communications must be conducted through PMs or e-mail.

Any Sale post that does not meet the foregoing criteria may be removed at the discretion of the moderation/administration staff.

No 'Reply' Postings to items

As a result of a number of issues there will shall not be any a facility to post replies in a for sales/WTB thread (save for updates from the original poster of the thread).

The user with the for sale item or WTB will be able to respond to his/her own thread to:
(a) provide further information;
(b) provide further photos;
(c) advise that the item has been sold or obtained (as the case may be).

Any questions or communications between the relevant members can be done via personal messages.

TRF does not involve itself in transactions between members, expecting both parties to behave in an honourable and timely manner.


Due to the size of the forums there is always the potential for scam/con artists to slide in, take advantage of our fine members and then disappear, leaving only a trail of misery and woe for us to sympathise with.

There are plenty of fantastic buyers, sellers and fine watches on our boards but there are also a tiny minority of scumbags lurking amongst us.

Questions to ask yourself before ANY transaction are :


There is nothing special about a "TRF" member. It takes a LONG time to get trusted, not just 20 days and 30 posts, even a pledgeship can be a modest investment to appear as being in good standing. Just because someone calls you buddy, doesn't mean he doesn't want to steal your watch/cash.


Four alias references from the same person "selling" the watch may initially appear credible but not so when you've lost your cash/watch.


This thread is not going to recommend a specific payment method or act as an Escrow agent.

The question for YOU is "If it goes wrong do I have any protection from the provider of the payment method used?". It's best to ask this question before you are in a desperate situation rather than after you find out you have NO comeback or protection and is the exact reason why the other party wanted to use this method.


If you can, then fine. Most people are honourable. You will get what you were looking for and you will receive a reasonable solution if there are any minor quibbles with your purchase.

The odd few are pondlifes who will use your lack of due diligence and general trust in human nature to fund their scumbag lifestyle. There is a potential price to be paid for this commendable attitude, however.



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