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Is this a movement issue?

The watch has stopped as the power reserve has wound down. It is now when I start to end the crown on itís winding position for about 60 turns and the seconds hand does not move whatsoever.

I then proceed to lightly shake the watch and the seconds hand starts to move. Immediately lay it at rest to see if it would stop as the light jerk should supposedly last under a minute.

To my surprise the watch has kept running for over 12 hours now and it seems like the initial wind did raise the power reserve back up.

Should I be concerned that the seconds hand doesnít move as I start winding it? With my other watches the second hand starts moving about 10-20 turns after the power reserve has died off.

The watch Iím talking about is the 15710st diver with a 3120 movement. I wonder if anybody else has also encountered this issue and care to share.

Audemars Piguet ROO Diver 15710ST
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Yes, seconds hand should start to move once the mainspring is able to provide sufficient torque to overcome the friction of the going train and escapement.
That yours doesn’t until shook, would indicate that something isn’t quite right – a wheel out of alignment or a pivot or jewel dry.
How old is it, and when (if ever) was it last serviced (warranty or paid for)?
Answers aside, it sounds like it’s needing looked at, to see what the problem is, and remedied.
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Had similar issue with my 44ti, seconds hand didn’t move until winding 8-10x. Also stopped entirely after not wearing it for a couple hours. Is in for service now :(
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That’s not really the same thing – not all watches start working the instant you move the crown – but your low PR certainly was an issue.
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Winding a mechanical watch is not the same as turning on a switch. The gear train has to overcome friction forces and many times it is "torque locked" where the pressure points meet and hold the movement from beginning to move.

Having to thump or wiggle a mechanical watch to kick-start it into action is extremely common and no need to rush out in a panic for a service call.
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Ditto. Same happened with my 44ti and it’s at the service center now.

Is yours also a 44 by any chance?
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Had the same with my 15710 - check the crown isn't inadvertently pulled out too far after unscrewing, thus stopping the movement from running.

Once started up and going its been fine...although hasn't run down to zero since.
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That's normal for pretty much every mechanical watch movement with a Swiss lever escapement.
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