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Wonderful read! Kudos to the thread starter! I myself have recently inherited a gmt from my dad, it's not all original since its has been serviced with replacement parts over the years but i must say it is more beautiful than my previous DJ SS.
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11.1998 catalog pics

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wow nice to see they make some of the GMT in gold band thanks for the post
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I've got a Y serial GMY with lug holes, I didn't know it was the last year with holes.

Many thanks for the info.
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Couple of questions for fellow 16700 lovers:

Anyone knows when was the last batch of tritium dial on the U series? As I know the late U series have are Swiss only dial and early U series that are tritium dial. Puzzled when was the cut off timing.

Also, what are the factors needed to develop the patina? Does it form naturally as it age.

I have recently seen a 1996 16700 at a shop, patina had developed and there are some dust specks which looks like paint particles on the dial. Should anyone be too bothered by it to get it removed or should one just leave it alone?

Lastly, will U series watches which are around 20 years old have patina already developed or, longer time is required before one can see it occurring?

Thank you all for your time!

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Will the green gmt master ii (116718) dial fit a gmt master (16758)? Essentially I am wanting to customize the 1983 gmt master with a green dial and a green bezel insert. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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Can any one of you experts out there share a link that details designated Euro/Asain market 16710 Reff #’s vs the US market models ? I just read a post somewhere that over seas models do not have a letter in the reff to designate Pepsi/Coke/Black bezel’s.
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Greetings all-

In the market for a 16710 Z-serial Pepsi, and unfortunately have to resort to the used market. Looking through I see some with more bold date wheels and some with thinner date wheels.

Are there variations over the years? Just variations in the photos?

Just trying not to get hosed with a fake.

Thanks in advance.
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Root Beer Bezel

So I found a reputable store that has the root beer bezel. Brand new in the box Unworn, ( Newport Watch Jewelry & Loan) What type of price would be reasonable due to the rarity? I would like to know so I don't offer to much, obviously no one can get one right now so I expect a bit of an overage
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Thanks to OP for an interesting read - I picked up my GMT last week and am eagerly reading up on history.

Would love reference book / coffee table book recommendations :)
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Merci pour toutes ces informations
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126710 blro

Does anyone on the forum have any interesting information on the new 3285 movement in the 126710 BLRO?
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Juan Luis
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Great thread!
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what a super thread! Thanks again to the OP. Eyeing a 16760 "fat Lady" in good condition to join 2 x ref 16570 (3186), 1 x 16610, 1 x 14060M and 16600. :)

looking forward to more GMT info and sharing.
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