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Criteria for Rolex collecting-CREDIT ABEL

A bit difficult to explain in few words and little space.
As a matter of fact, many books have been written about collecting, its true deep sense, and the internal personal reasons which actually dictates the behaviour of a collector.
After all, collectors have existed for centuries!
There are also books covering collections of many objects, and the usual "rules" which govern the gathering a true collection.

In my personal point of view, whichever is your interest in collecting, from stamps, knives, guns, art pieces or watches, you should distinguish between accumulating pieces, and real collecting.

True collectors usually gather pieces with a connection or story in common. A collection "must tell something" which connects the pieces together. It usually requires speciallizing
in a variant, or model.
A collection "tells a story" to the viewer: the story of a development, the different models of certain brand, the evolution of a particular model, etc.

Speciallizing has its strong points.
It letīs concentrate your budget focused in one direction, instead of spreading in other objectives. Available money never seems to be enough and helps to use it well!

Speciallizing helps also to center your attention studying efforts, reading, etc. in one specific area. Studying books, reading and knowing well your object of desire, is of superlative importance to a true collector.
Helps to recognize and find pieces, its variants, to detect fakes, and also to know about market values.
Specializing allows you to concentrate efforts, budget and attention, and also allows to more profitable use of your time and hard work required.

As an example of difference between collection and accumulation:

You could get a collection of Diverīs watches of many brands.
Or a collection of diversī watches from Rolex, from the first models to the last ones.
You could collect Rolex "Bubblebacks".
You can specialize in Rolex GMT variants since its introduction up to day models.
You may wish to collect "chronographs" of different top end brands made under certain period of time.
Any of these could be called "a collection".

Now, accumulating, means buying what you see, what you like and can afford, without paying any real attention to follow "a line".
The pieces of your accumulation do not follow "a string" and says nothing to an occasional viewer, except telling which was the course of your fancy when you bought such or such watch.
You can buy different watches of many brands, or any of the several models of same brand (e.g. Rolex) just to satisfy your desire and own personal "gusto".

This is nothing bad IMHO, but not collecting, just gathering.

Of course, every true collector brakes from time to time, the rule of buying only what itīs related with his serious collection, and buys something his fancy dictates.
There is no Law prohibiting that! So you can brake the rules. Arenīt they made to be broken anyway?

Iīm not watch collector, though Rolex is my favorite brand, and like Rolex dive watches in special, but I got some other brands which I really like, and other Rolex models I love.

By the other hand Iīm an antique gun and knife collector, and know this branch of collecting very well, as well as having connections with collectors world wide, and the rules are similar to what I have written here.
Also know well other objects collectors (stamps collectors, electric train collectors, pen collectors, etc.) and this general division between true serious collectors and accumulators, always apply.

I guess most important thing in collecting or gathering, is enjoying what you do, and enjoy what you buy, and feeling happy with both your pieces, and the sharing of the experience with other fellow collectors. This human connection, is always rewarding, and help to make more enjoyable this activity.
Feeling happy oneself, is also a final goal in pursuing your collecting (or just gathering).

Hope this personal point of view helps a little to answer your question, and Iīm sure other TRF friends will bring here their own views, and experience.

Best kind regards, Abel
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