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SUV/car undercoating

Does anyone know about fluid film or other coatings? Iíve read a bit about it. Would be interested to know if others (especially in the Northeast) have positive or negative views of doing this. Thanks in advance.
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I paid around 300 or so to do it on a Land Cruiser I bought once. Iím a fool and traded it a year later so never got to see the results. My understanding is you have to come back and reapply it every year or two. It came with a warranty. Toyotas are known for surface rust so if you have one of those might be worth a look.

If you donít plan to keep the car like 10 years Iíd forget about it. Whatís your expected duration of ownership and whatís the make?
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Thanks. Lexus GX 460 for me and Toyota Highlander for my wife. The Lexus is a 2017 that I plan on keeping for a long time. The Toyota is a 2010 that we’ve had since it was new. Kept in a high rise garage for the first 10 years and driven very sparingly. We’re now in the suburbs and drive a lot more often - work, kids to school/sports, etc. So both cars will see a fair amount of snow and road salt, if we get a decent amount of snow this winter.
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I have applied FF on my 4Runner myself for the last few years and it has worked well. Lots of guys on the forum use it in the NE with good results. There is a guy in Summit, NJ that lots of forum members use and recommend who is supposedly more reasonably priced than most but you would need to join and PM him if you are interested.
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I know about it but donít use it on an entire underbody. Metal battery trays/supports make sense. I do understand why it is appealing to thwart road salt corrosion by broad application. . But you must balance the ongoing cost and unintended risks.

FF is really sheep fat applied like a hot wax on the unibody underneath and in wheel wells. Also on engine bay crossmembers, transmission housings, diffs, shocks, springs, etc. Itíll stay put until youíre driving in spring slush with the salt/gravel mix laid down for nightly RE-freeze on bridges/overpasses. So some areas that are originally coated will degrade from the blasting gravel hitting metal.

Thatís why another application in late Fall each year (if you want to get back to 100% coverage).

Your Mech tech could charge extra hours to remove it in areas where they need to do repairs. It gums up sockets and other tools. Itís a mess when solvents have to be applied and it runs everywhere.

The producer claims it halts existing rust but I donít know that it could except for surface rust.

Itís an inhibitor but not a permanent rust converter. If you have an older car then have Gemplerís applied one day and the FF another day or two later.

Good much with it!

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