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Meet a Rolex Forums Member #2 (March 2018) - DavidSW

Store with David Lead.jpg

As Baselworld 2018 is nearly upon us I reached out to one of the many trusted sellers and member of the Rolex Forums, DavidSW. Most already know but if you do not he has been a member for approximately 10 years. In his own words the mission is simple: “Located in Orlando, Florida at DavidSW we pride ourselves with providing high-quality timepieces at reasonable prices with outstanding customer service. DavidSW has been in the business of buying and selling authentic timepieces for the past 11 years. We source the most popular luxury watches with significant savings to you the purchaser.”

In 2016, David chose to open a retail store to solidify his footprint in the online and local market place. Previously he had an office for a few years but began to see to many clients so that evolved into him acquiring a retail space. The retail location is a place where everything can run under one roof. As a result, DavidSW is able to sees clients on a daily basis as well as run the online operation efficiently at the same time.

The retail store "Select" specializes in all products that are desirable. It has a large selection of Hermes "Birkin" bags for women "Think Rolex Daytona for Men". Although some may think of DavidSW as David himself he has the assistance of 5 employees which facilitate the smooth operation of the day to day business. He could not do it without them! He is grateful to the Rolex Forums as it has allowed him to meet various people from all over the world with a common bond, "Rolex" and encourages any TRF member that visits the Orlando area to stop in.

This is the second edition of Meet a Rolex Forums Member and I thank David for taking part in talking more about himself, the service he provides and of course Rolex.

What's the story of how you became a seller of luxury Swiss timepieces including Rolex?

In early 2000 I worked at an AD (Patek/ Rolex) in the Caribbean. I worked in Sales for a few years and eventually started managing the store. Pre 2007/8 retail stores did really well with fine Swiss watches. Retails buyers were more apprehensive towards online watch sales. I actually started selling to resellers and figured it was a business I can do on my own. In 2007/8 retail stores went through a huge decline. In 2008 I took a few months off for the birth of my daughter and discovered TRF. I had posted a few watches before on another forum but TRF's layout felt more direct to operate and that is really the point that I went full online. The most valuable part of working at an AD for a few years was being able to understand the way an AD operates inside and out. Such as how to handle customer service issues and deal with the end client to ensure they are satisfied.

What are some of the rewards and challenges of being a trusted seller?

I would say the biggest reward is being able to handle the best watches on an everyday basis. We specifically try to be the first when it comes to the new releases. Once the SIHH or Basel releases are announced it is a race to get them. There are no real challenges in my opinion. We just try to get the best watches at reasonable prices. I have been selling watches for many years and have a retail store now so there is enough history online for buyers to know we can be easily found.

Have there been any changes or trend shifts within the industry since you started selling that have impacted your operations?

The early 2017 we started to see a trend with regards to distribution by the major brands. There started to deliver few pieces to the AD's thus slowing the supply. In late 2017 to the present we see much less "desirable" watches on the market thus driving the aftermarket to higher prices. In my opinion it will stay this way for the foreseeable future as there are many buyers and fewer watches in the marketplace.
Store Empty.jpg

Your Instagram is quite impressive. What do you enjoy more - wearing the time pieces or helping other members find the right time piece?

I do really enjoy helping a client choose a watch that suits them. I will always give my opinion when asked. Sometimes the "hot" watch may not be the best watch for someone. Choosing it because it is "hot" is not the right way. One should really take some time to choose the right one that they will wear and enjoy instead of keeping it in the safe for future investment.

If you weren’t a seller of luxury Swiss timepieces what would you be doing?

This may sound silly but something in music. I thoroughly enjoy all forms of music and I believe it can soothe the soul.

It takes passion to be a trusted seller. In general, how did you become interested in automatic wrist watches?

When I started at the AD in early 2000 I was fascinated by watches as I really had no idea they cost that much. I had known the brands but never really looked into them. That early part really allowed me to acquire a deep knowledge of watches and the history of each brand.

I noticed on your Instagram you recently added Bitpay (bitcoin) to payments. Why did you add this payment form and what do you think about adding other cryptocurrency payment methods like Litepay (Litecoin) in the future?

We researched for about a year to add this payment option and finally decided to do so. For now, we really take only BTC though Bitpay but you can always exchange your other Crypto to BTC and send that way. In the near future we may begin taking more (cryptocurrencies). We also just started a financing program though AFFIRM. I believe this is a good move for a buyer looking to take advantage of a deal on a timepiece.

What was your first Rolex, how did you get it, and what led you to acquire it?

Submariner. It was an employee purchase. Still in my collection today.

What keeps you interested in Rolex?

Always looking forward to the next Basel show and trying to guess what comes next.

Any guesses on Rolex releases for this year’s Baselworld?

I believe the 36mm Datejust will be retired and replaced with a 38mm. Maybe the Submariner will get an updated movement and a new model 216610 will be release. Maybe the 216570 will emerge with a ceramic bezel. Last guess is a Rootbeer Ceramic GMT. No one really knows 100% until the opening day of Basel.

What separates Rolex from other Swiss luxury watch brands?

They have a streamlined collection and do not make 100 versions of the same watch. They make small "impactful" changes and do not need to be the first to do anything. They prefer to do it right.
Gold Watches.jpg

In your personal collection what do you look for in a Rolex? What draws you to a particular reference?

My favorite current watch is the GMT master. I love the bold numbers on the bezel. It is my choice in the current Rolex collection.

In your current collection, if you had to choose, what is your favorite watch and why?

One of my favorites is a 1655 early year Explorer. One of my first buys and it is in a nice original owner condition.

What other brands outside of Rolex interest you and what about the brand interests you?

I like Patek / AP/ Richard Mille. I like RM a lot now as they are visually attractive and different than most on the market. Not a lot of history but the use of modern materials has an edgy feel which I like.

What is your grail Rolex? Have you acquired it? If not, any plans to acquire it?

I had a 6263 that I sold a long time ago which I should have held in retrospect. It went to a good client that still has in his collection. I would say that is the one that got away. I am sure my path will cross another at some point.

Outside of being a Rolex enthusiast and trusted seller what are some of your interests? How do they inter-relate to Rolex?

I like cars like many watch enthusiasts do. Travel is another thing I am big on. Really getting out and seeing the world. I always make a point to stop into local stores. Never know what I may find.

Any suggestions to other travelers on the Rolex Forums, perhaps somewhere off the beaten path, of a place to visit?

One of my favorite places is the island Zakynthos in Greece. Small Island. Not Touristy and great water.
david travel.jpg

If you aren’t on the Rolex Forums you are probably....?

…with my family doing something. I have a son and daughter under the age of 10 so we always try to do as much as we can together.

Do you collect anything outside of watches?

I also collect modern some modern art. I have owned Alec stuff for a few years before his current explosion.
Art 1.jpg
Art 2.jpg
Art 3.jpg

Additional information about DavidSW


Select Orlando

If you wind it, they will run.
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great interview Eliot! and thanks to david for being a good supporter of the forum.


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Superb!! Well done.
Very much enjoyed reading about DavidSW, one of TRF's loyal, giveway sponsors, and many times complimented as a go-to seller of fine watches.
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Great interview once again Eliot!

DSW is my dude! Best in the biz...period!
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David is one of the nicest guys I've ever had pleasure of dealing with.
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Baco Noir
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Excellent interview. I made my first forum purchase from David because of his stellar reputation.
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I have dealt with David many times only via text or email and it's nice to finally put a face behind the name. Great interview. Keep them coming.
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What a great idea this has been!! DSW looks nothing like I pictured. Ive done probably 8 deals with him and he was my first non-AD transaction. 110% dependable!! I'm wondering who's number 3? Me.....
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Nice interview, good job!
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Great interview of a great forum member / TS.
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Fantastic interview! It's great getting to know more about the forum members. Also very cool how his journey unfolded
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Great post!

I Have had the plaeasure of many dealings with David, each and every deal has been seamless and professional.

Quite simply, David is always my first call.
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Great interview!!!
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Good job....thanks for posting it.
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Wow. Just wow. Great interview. Great to put a face to the Man.

I've done several superb deals with David and even talked to him on the phone. Never knew he was so young! Young looking?

Great interview series. Please keep it up.
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Art 1
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Well done
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David is great.
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Nice interview Eliot! Great stuff!
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Another fantastic interview.
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Another great interview! Excited for the next one!
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Great to see the person behind the name~
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Thank you, Etschell for posting.
Always nice to see a face behind a trusted seller.

I am now tempted to use his services.

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Davids a good man when I first met him I thought he was gonna be an old man.... so if ya havent seen him here ya go
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Damn them OG Alec's that's ballin

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Great idea, interview and interviewee
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Loving these interviews
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Great interview and great to meet DavidSW!
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I love buying from Davidsw. I refuse to buy from any AD. Once I bought my first watch from David I was hooked. I don’t plan on going anywhere else. Thank you for all your help David. I’m looking forward to my next purchase. Many more blessings to you and your family.
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You’ve followed up the Dr Tom interview with an equally impressive sequel. Well done

Keep them coming.... a really good ORIGINAL idea something TRF needs more of.

Thank you

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Love those art pieces, super cool.

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davidsw , dsworlando , rolex , trusted seller

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