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Icon10 Special Thanks to Our Trusted Sellers!

Just wanted to take the time to thank a few of our Trusted sellers here on our Forum!

When I was new to the Rolex Forums, I was unsure about purchasing from a grey seller because of some of the awful stories of folks getting taken. I learned that there are many Long time Sellers on this Forum that are and have always been Reputable, and trustworthy.

After Researching, I bought my first Grey ROLEX from Thanh Do ( TAKUYA ). I sent $22,000 to someone I never met and only had the reviews on this Forum to go buy!

Well, 13 Rolex watches later and with each of the following Trusted Sellers, all my Transactions have been as smooth as creamy Peanut Butter...

Here are a Few I want to thank:


AU_911tt (Chase),


TAKUYA (Thanh Do),

SohAIS (Aamir) and


and last but not least Springer (John)
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Agree. Thanks to TRF, I learned what a "Trusted Seller" was and bought my first Rolex from one those listed, Takuya.

While many express disdain for the "Grey" market. I love free trade ( Read John Adams regarding The invisible Hand of the market) and appreciate the role they provide in this challenging marketplace.

Salute to all the trusted sellers.
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I have dealt with Addy616 who is an excellent and honest trusted seller, with some very popular pieces.
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Agree. Thanks guys
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Agreed! I've done deals (buy and sell) with several of the above-listed Trusted Sellers and have nothing but perfect experiences. Big thanks to our Trusted Sellers!! My watch hobby/enthusiasm/addiction could not exist and persist without them . . .
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The “Trusted Seller” moniker carries a lot of weight in these forums, but a buyer’s due diligence and caution are still advised. Copious feedback in the “Who’s Who” forum does not guarantee a seller will provide full disclosure about a watch (whether intentionally or unintentionally), nor does it guarantee he/she will be reasonable if a problem arises. Many will. Some won’t. My experience has been that this is particularly true in the arena of vintage/classic watches.

In the past year, I paid a premium price for a vintage/classic Submariner offered for sale by a seller with considerable positive feedback in these forums. The seller supported his selling price by telling me the watch was all original, and in better condition than any other I would find.

When I received the watch, I inspected it using a loupe and discovered multiple fine scratches around the pearl on the bezel insert. There appeared to be glue residue along the edge of the pearl. I was concerned and wondered if perhaps the pearl had been replaced. I informed the seller of the issue and was told by him the scratches could have occurred during normal wearing of the watch.

The seller had a 72 hour return policy stated on the receipt, and since in my view the watch was not in the described "best you'll find" condition, I requested a return. The return policy stated the buyer would forfeit shipping and fees, and would be responsible for return shipping. I was fine with these terms.

The seller declined the return request, and rather than honor the written terms of his 72-hour return policy, he said he would charge an additional 10% re-stocking fee.

He accused me of attempting to scam him. Scam him by requesting a refund...forfeiting shipping costs, wire fees, and paying for return shipping? I would be out several hundred dollars on the deal. A scam whereby the scammer purposely loses money would be a first in the history of scams.

The seller offered to send me a replacement bezel insert from his stock, which I declined.

I took the watch to my local Rolex repair expert for a second opinion of the bezel insert. He was the Technical Service Manager for Rolex USA for a decade before opening his own watch service shop.

He confirmed the scratches and glue residue and said the original pearl had either been removed and re-installed, or replaced. He also told me there were areas of exposed aluminum along the outside edge of the insert indicating the bezel had been trimmed smaller. He said the insert was for a Sea Dweller that had been trimmed to fit the Submariner's bezel. For comparison, he showed me a picture of a Sea Dweller insert in a Rolex parts catalog from the period. The font on my bezel insert matched the font on the Sea Dweller insert. The font on my bezel insert did not match the font on the correct Submariner insert in the catalog.

I decided to accept the seller's offer of a replacement bezel insert as a reasonable solution.

The replacement bezel insert sent by the seller did not resemble any genuine Rolex Submariner bezel from any era that I could match to photos on the web. I reached out to three experts in Rolex service/sales for help. One person said it looked odd, and he could not identify it. The second person said it was incorrect for a Rolex Submariner and believed it to be aftermarket. The third person, who inspected the initial scratched bezel insert, examined the replacement insert along with a technician in his shop, who had years of experience at a Rolex Service Center. They determined the replacement insert was a non-genuine Rolex part. Not only was the insert aftermarket, but it was slightly damaged along an edge.

I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to deal with this transaction any further. For the cost of shipping the watch back to the seller plus his non-refundable shipping fee, I paid my local Rolex service professional to install a period correct NOS Rolex Submariner bezel insert.

Did the seller know the bezel insert had been replaced or altered? Did he know the second insert was aftermarket and damaged? All a buyer can hope for is an honest dealing with a seller who will represent a watch to the best of his/her ability, and who will stand by the terms if an inspection reveals something that was overlooked, undisclosed, or incorrectly represented.

This particular buying experience was a zinger.

As certain as Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, purchasing a vintage/classic watch is a buyer beware endeavor.

I can personally recommend SohAIS and DavidSW for newer watches. For vintage/classic watches, I can recommend HQMilton and Bob's Watches. I have had excellent transactions with all these sellers.
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