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My Sinn 656 review.

I really don't remember how I've become familiar with the Sinn brand,but once I've seen their watch line,I was sold to them.
After a shopping spree winter that brought in my safe 3 Rolexes ,an IWC,a Seiko,a Suunto and a Swiss Army,I felt like it was time for me to go back to the real essence of watch-ness.
The watch-ness essence for me is made by these basic elements:

1) robustness/decent water resistance
2) date display
3) wrist comfort
4) anonimity
5) fair price

Yes..anonimity was a very important criteria for me during this search. While I do like to get compliments for my Rolexes and IWC,I equally enjoy not to draw any type of attention to myself,therefore an anonymous brand was a must this time.
Well,enough personal stuff,let's get on with the watch.

The Sinn 656 is the perfect 1 2 3 4 5 needed watch.
The case is at 38.5 mm large and 10.0 mm thick,so if you are caught in the oversized watch craze going on now,this watch is not for you. After one month of switching between my 42 mm Seiko Monster and my 44 mm IWC Top Gun,having a 38.5 mm watch was like feeling naked and watch free. Good start then !!
The 656 dial is absolutely a work of art in term of clarity and assembling. It really take less than a glimpse to tell the time and even under a 10x loupe it reveals itself totally flawless.
Date is at 4.30,leaving therefore undisturbed and visible the chunky number 3.
Did I forget the dial's style ?? Well...aviator all the way. Even if you're not into military/aviator watch,the 656 will get you there,trust me.
The date display sure is tiny. I'm almost 36 and I don't want to say(or admit...) that I have hard time in reading the date,but I'm pretty sure that when I was younger it took me a fraction of a second less to spot numbers of this size. Its is sort of hidden deeply in the dial too,often shadowed depending on the light conditions. Notice that little weird symbol at 6 o' clock right above the 6 number ? That says the watch case is antimagnetic,pretty much like a Rolex Milgauss they say. I don't know if I will ever have the chance to test this feature but is good to know it's there.

Bad point : lumen. Its is actually pretty much non existant. You can read the time at night in complete darkness thanks only to the large aviator style hands,other than that lume is really a weak point here.

Sinn really pride itself about their watch cases,often built with special treatments in their upper model line ( tegimented cases). The 656 has a simple yet functional sand blasted case not tegimented,very pleasant to touch. I was a bit fed up with the shiny SS cases,so again this was a another point for Sinn.

What we have inside then ?? Well,no big deal,really,just the usual ETA 2824-2 you probably have in many other watches. Sinn modifies this movement to their technical needs,but truth is that nothing is particulary improved. I'm ok with that anyway,the ETA 2824 has been around for more than 40 years now and it's a well tested,no frills caliber. Not happy about out of the box accuracy. At + 10 secs per day,it was pretty much consistent anyway ,leaving the watch at +10 secs per day no matter if left face up or on the side at night. I had the watch registered at my local watch guy and is now at -1 sec per day..that is COSC material !!

The calf bracelet took a bit to get shaped to my wrist but now fits perfectly,very comfy and very "Messerschmitt" style.

Water resistance is at 10 ATM or 100 MT. Not a real diver watch but I'm sure this little guy have some secret weapons and muscles to show in case of an extended swim or any other waterish activity.

The 656 is now my daily watch and guess what..I get a lot more compliments and attention than I used to receive with my "usual" Rolex. The clear and big dial is the real attention drawer here,along with the unknown to most Sinn brand.

If Sinn is getting your attention and you have a thing for military watches,I would strongly suggest you to start with this model wich at Euro 740.00 is rightly priced and goes well with both cargos or your custom made shirt.
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love the review. i'm a sinn fan too. they're one of the most durable & value for money watches.
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Thanks for the review. I was close to buying this watch a while ago, but don't know what happened.

It is very 1016ish in it's dial, which I like for the clarity very much.

I'm very surprised about the lume or lack thereof as you say. This is particularly disappointing given the large markings on the dial.

Thanks for the review

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Very nice review..

The 656 and Rolex subdate are my most-worn watches. I'm actual pretty happy with the lume on the 656, I guess the large hands make up for any deficiency in the lume. In reality, I rarely need to know the time after dark, so I guess I'm not too concerned about lume power.

On the anonimity factor, I feel the same. - Despite this, the ONLY two times I've had people talk to me about a watch I'm wearing in public has been while I've got the 656 on. One guy was considering buying one and wanted to see it, and the other just liked it's legibility and overall look.

I wear mine on a basic all-black leather band (with black thread).. Looks great.

I keep getting tempted by the 556, but I think I've beaten that 'need' for now...

Anyhow, enjoy it, it's a fine watch!
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Ive owned two Sinns, they are accurate and bullet proof, nice review.
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Nice review Sinn's are great My Sinn 856 is dynamite
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Goos stuff, thanks for the review.
So psyched, my Sinn 656 S (all black with the metal bracelet) has just been FedExed and is due tommorrow!

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Nice review!
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