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Starting in 1987 Rolex started putting a letter in front of its serial numbers. The following is a list of letter and the year the series was introduced. Please note that it is not uncommon to find a mix of serial numbers mixed in. For example at my local AD here in Toronto they have Y, F and D serial watches available. What does this mean? Not much in terms of the watch itself other than the fact the the old serial number watches were/are less popular and they have had it sitting in their inventory for some time. This does not effect the factory warranty as it starts at the date of purchase and not the date of manufacturing.

R 1987
L 1988
E 1990
X 1991
N 1991 (Nov)
C 1992
S 1993
W 1994
T 1996
U 1997 (Aug)
A 1998 (Nov)
P 2000 (Jan)
K 2001 (Sep)
Y 2002 (Sep)
F 2003 (Sep)
D 2005 (Apr)
Z 2006 (May)
M 2007 (Aug)
V 2008 (Aug)
G 2010 (July) last of the single letter 6 number serials,from latter part 2010 some randoms started to appear these have now 8 digits mixture letters and numbers.
G2010/ 2011 On
Plus Randoms till present time


Does this guarantee the watch is real?

Absolutely not, the counterfeiters have been putting on a hologram sticker on the back for years. The holograms can be purchased by the sheets on ebay so do not assume that because the watch has a sticker on the back that it is real.

Do I decrease the value of the watch by removing it?

Not at all, since over time the sticker will wear and become a sticky mess. Also like I said above fake stickers can be bought so ppl these days don't really care if the sticker is on the back.


What this means is that the watch has been tested by Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometers (COSC) COSC is the swiss standard for testing watch movements. They are independent and every movement gets tested with the same standards.

A movement that is COSC certified is accurate from -4 to +6 seconds a day anything in that range is acceptable. So if your watch is slow 4 seconds a day or fast 6 seconds a day (or anywhere in between) don't worry about it.


How often should I service my Rolex?

NOTE: this is just the typical guideline that Rolex recommends in their literature, it is not engraved in stone, many have gone decades without servicing and have perfectly running timepieces.

The main thing is to have it pressure tested annually by a Rolex certified watchmaker, especially if it is a divers watch. The main reason for a annual check is to make sure that the case is waterproof. The test is free, if your watchmaker wants to charge you for it go to one that doesn't.

A full service should be done every 5-7 years depending on use. Note it is not uncommon for oils inside the movement to dry out if the watch is exposed to harsh climates. Also gaskets in the case could dry out quicker with extreme exposure to hot and cold.

Who should I get to do the servicing?

ROLEX Servicing centres can be found around the world and they do top notch work, however there are many great watch makers other there than can properly service Rolexes. Note though that in some parts of the world only Rolex certified watchmakers may order parts.

ALWAYS make sure that the watch maker you go to uses ORIGINAL ROLEX PARTS, there is nothing else that comes close to them, you will end up hurting your watch in the long run, there are many horror stories out there about cheap dials that flake off paint into the movement and what not.

Rolex Price List Current USA


14000 3,625.00 SS Air King
14010 3,675.00 SS Air King
14060M 4,525.00 SS Submariner No Date
16610 5,175.00 SS Submariner with Date
16613 7,825.00 TT Submariner with Date
11618 23,100.00 Gold Submariner with date
16610LV 5,525.00 50th Anniversary SS Submariner with Date
16600 5,375.00 SS Sea Dweller
16622 8,325.00 SS/Platinum full size Yachtmaster
16623 8,675.00 TT full size Yachtmaster
16628 22,550.00 Gold full size Yachtmaster
168622 7,800.00 Yacht Master 35mm (steel/plat)
168623 8,000.00 mens, $7,900-ladies Yacht Master 35mm (steel/18k)
168623 6,975.00 TT Mid-Size Yachtmaster Serti Dial
168628 20,050.00 Mid-Size Yachtmaster 18kt Yellow Gold
169622 6,900.00 Yacht Master 29mm (steel/plat)
169623 7,100.00 Yacht Master 29mm (steel/18k)
114270 4,250.00 SS Explorer
16570 5,000.00 SS Explorer II
16710 5,075.00 SS GMT II
116713 8,925.00 TT GMT II
116718 22,750.00 GMT II
16718 19,750.00 Gold GMT II
116520 7,900.00 SS Daytona
116523 12,675.00 TT Daytona Dial
116528 25,550.00 Yellow gold Daytona
116519 18,100.00 White Gold Daytona on a strap
116518 16,900.00 Yellow Gold Daytona on a strap
16203 5,725.00 TT DateJust with Jubilee Bracelet
116203 7,600.00 TT DateJust heavy Oyster bracelet
16233 5,775.00 TT DateJust Yellow Gold Fluted bezel/Jubilee Bracelet
116233 8,025.00 TT DateJust heavy Jubilee bracelet
116233 7,650.00 TT DateJust heavy Oyster bracelet
116200 4,950.00 SS DateJust heavy Oyster Bracelet
16200 3,800.00 SS DateJust plain bezel Oyster bracelet
16220 3,925.00 SS DateJust Engine Turned bezel Jubilee Bracelet
116233 7,325.00 TT DateJust New Hidden Clasp Bracelet
16234 4,525.00 SS Datejust Jubilee Bracelet
116261 8,175.00 TT DateJust Turnograph Oyster bracelet
116263 7,800.00 TT DateJust Turnograph Jubilee bracelet
116264 5,775.00 SS DateJust Turnograph Oyster bracelet
78273 5,650.00 TT DateJust Mid-Size Jubilee bracelet
118238 22,450.00 Day Date Fluted Bezel 18kt Yellow Gold Presidential bracelet
118208 21,100.00 Day Date 18kt Yellow Gold Oyster Bracelet
118209 23,400.00 Day Date White Gold smooth bezel Oyster bracelet
118206 40,350.00 Day Date Platinum smooth bezel Presidential bracelet


16610 4525.00 SS Submariner with Date
16613 7100.00 TT Submariner with Date
11618 20850.00 Gold Submariner with date
16610LV 4875.00 50th Anniversary SS Submariner with Date
14000 3250.00 SS Air King
14010 3300.00 SS Air King
14060 3800.00 SS Submariner no Date
16600 4700.00 SS Sea Dweller
16622 7850.00 SS/Platinum full size Yachtmaster
16623 8200.00 TT full size Yachtmaster
16628 20700.00 Gold full size Yachtmaster
168623 6975.00 TT Mid-Size Yachtmaster Serti Dial
16750 4450.00 SS Explorer II
16710 4525.00 SS GMT II
16713 7025.00 TT GMT II
16718 19750.00 Gold GMT II
116520 6950.00 SS Daytona
116523 11275.00 TT Daytona Serti Dial
116528 23400.00 Yellow gold Daytona
116519 18100.00 White Gold Daytona on a strap
116518 16900.00 Yellow Gold Daytona on a strap
16203 5725.00 TT Datejust with Jubilee Bracelet
116203 7025.00 TT Datejust heavy Oyster bracelet
16233 5775.00 TT Datejust Yellow Gold Fluted bezel/Jubilee Bracelet
116233 7325.00 TT Datejust heavy Jubilee bracelet
116233 7075.00 TT Datejust heavy Oyster bracelet
16200 3800.00 SS Datejust plain bezel Oyster bracelet
16220 3925.00 SS Datejust Engine Turned bezel Jubilee Bracelet
16234 4525.00 SS Datejust Jubilee Bracelet
116261 7550.00 TT Datejust Turnograph Oyster bracelet
116263 7800.000 TT Datejust Turnograph Jubilee bracelet
116264 5775.00 SS Datejust Turnograph Oyster bracelet
78273 5650.00 TT Datejust Mid-Size Jubilee bracelet
118238 20550.00 Day Date kt Yellow Gold Oyster bracelet
118209 21700.00 Day Date White Gold smooth bezel Oyster bracelet
118206 40350.00 Day Date Platinum smooth bezel Presidential bracelet

Cleaning your Rolex

This has been a topic of debate lately, and I think it is rather simple to keep your watches clean. Simple soap and water is what I have been using for over 15 years on all my watches with bracelets. I will say that using a dish-washing detergent is not advised as ppl have stated that the grease cutting properties will dry out the gaskets prematurely. If you wash your bracelet regularly there is no reason why a mild hand soap and your fingers wont wash your wash effectively. If you use a moisturising soap for your hands and that doesn't dry out your bracelet and watch will not be harmed. I rinse my watch on a weekly basis and have never had any issues of build up on them.

Now this is just a guide and is not the only way to wash your watch. Some Pol like to use a soft brush, but I have never had the need to do so.

Watch Winding Setting Etc.

Let's take the example that you want to set you watch at PRECISELY 11 o'clock AM on the 27th. of May 2007.

Take the following steps: (important things are underlined and in red):

1) Unscrew the winding crown counterclockwise. Two or three turns, and then the winding crown should "pop out" in the "winding position". If not, make SURE that the winding crown is free of the threads before winding the watch. Reason: if you turn the winding crown clockwise while it is still on the threads and if you are NOT pushing the winding crown inward whilst turning it, you might damage the threads. So again: Make sure that the winding crown is free of the threads before winding the watch!

2) Now you give your watch at LEAST 30-40 FULL windings by the crown. Wind the watch by turning the crown CLOCKWISE. The reason to wind the watch manually when it has stopped: That way you make sure that the watch is FULLY wound and will have its full power reserve. By just "shaking it to get it going" you will NOT get the full power reserve. Do not be afraid of "over-winding" the watch (there is a safety catch to prevent over winding), but about 30 full windings should be enough.

3) IMPORTANT STEP! Remember that our example states that you want to get your watch going at 11 AM (in the "morning")??

What you do BEFORE MOVING THE HANDS is to pull out the winding crown FULLY (time setting position) and then you turn the hands to make SURE that both the hour hand and minute hand stand at FIVE OR SIX o'clock!
Reason: the date change mechanism (date-wheel) could be harmed if you change the date MANUALLY during the period from 21 to 01 o'clock. So by setting the hour and minute hand well off that period is strongly advised.

4) (now back to the date): Push the winding crown back to the SECOND notch (date change notch) and then advance the date MANUALLY via the winding crown until you reach the date of YESTERDAY (in our example: the 26th. of May).

5) Then you - once again - pull out the winding crown to the LAST notch (time setting position) and stop the seconds hand (that is now running since you have wound the watch manually!) at EXACTLY 12 o'clock (easier now to synchronise with another watch!).

6) Then you advance the hands by turning the winding crown clockwise. Keep a close eye on the date window as you advance the hands!. IF the date changes at midnight to the date of our example then you will have to advance the hands another 11 hours so that the date will change correctly at next midnight. If the date does NOT change, you have to advance the hands accordingly.

7) If you want to make the minute hand points EXACTLY on the given minute when the seconds hand has reached "12" (or "60" seconds), then you must know that there is some "play" in the hands.
So if you just set the minute hand according to our example (EXACTLY 11 AM so that the minute hand will point exactly on the 12) then you will notice that by "one minute past 11 AM" the minute hand will NOT (or probably not!) point EXACTLY and spot on on the minute but rather somewhat (like 15 seconds) PAST it due to the "play" in the hands!

Solution: Following the example, turn the minute hand approximately TEN minutes PAST "11 AM" and then turn the minute hand BACK again to the EXACT time (hour hand point at "11" and minute and seconds hand pointing - exactly - on "12"). Then - EVER SO GENTLY - turn the winding crown clockwise so that the minute hand actually points a bit (like "15 seconds" PAST the full minute marker). That way you adjusted to the "play" of the minute hand, and the minute hand will point EXACTLY on the minute next time the seconds hand reaches "twelve".

8) When you have wound the watch, set the time and date, screw the winding crown back so that the watch is once again waterproof. By the way: You do not have to screw it very hard onto the case. As soon as you feel some resistance, stop using more force on the crown."


Country Codes

As you may have noticed, on every Rolex Warranty certificate there is a 3 digit number that precedes the Serial number of your watch. This number is reference to which market the watch was originally sent to by Rolex factory. This information is useful in that you know where the watch originally came from if you are buying a used one.

010 - Switzerland
012 - Switzerland
013 - Switzerland
014 - Switzerland
015 - Switzerland
017 - Switzerland
021 - Switzerland
022 - Switzerland
023 - Switzerland
024 - Switzerland
025 - Switzerland
026 - Switzerland
028 - Switzerland
032 - Switzerland
033 - Switzerland
036 - Liechtenstein
037 - Switzerland
044 - Switzerland
045 - Switzerland
061 - Switzerland
100 - Germany
110 - France
112 - France
113 - France
119 - France (COMEX)
120 - Austria
121 - Austria
122 - Austria
123 - Austria
124 - Austria
126 - Austria
127 - Austria
128 - Austria
130 - Belgium/Luxemburg
133 - Netherlands
134 - Netherlands
135 - Netherlands
136 - Netherlands
137 - Netherlands
138 - Netherlands
150 - Spain
160 - Great Britain
170 - Italy
181 - Italy
200 - Greece
204 - Italy
201 - Malta
202 - Turkey
207 - Corfu
208 - Greece
212 - Italy
213 - Portugal
215 - Portugal
216 - Portugal
217 - Portugal
218 - Portugal
226 - Denmark
228 - Denmark
231 - Denmark
233 - Denmark
237 - Iceland
241 - Norway
242 - Norway
246 - Sweden
265 - Sweden
267 - Sweden
270 - Sweden
271 - Sweden
283 - Finnland
286 - Finnland
291 - Finnland
298 - Finnland
316 - Roumanie
317 - Bulgaria
320 - Czech Republic
321 - Czech Republic
322 - Hungary
323 - Slovenia
325 - Serbia Montenegro
330 - Russia
400 - Hong Kong
410 - Japan
413 - Korea
430 - Singapore/Brunai/Indonesia
431 - Malaysia/Thailand
440 - Taiwan
500 - India
505 - Pakistan
512 - Sri Lanka
514 - Bangladesh
526 - Bahrain
527 - Middle East
529 - Saudi Arabia
531 - Saudi Arabia
532 - Saudi Arabia
533 - Kuwait
535 - Katar
536 - Abu Dhabi
537 - Dubai
538 - Oman
539 - Oman
542 - Iran
548 - Israel
551 - Yemen
605 - Tunisia
612 - Egypt
633 - Nigeria
634 - Congo
668 - Kenya
680 - South Afrika
700 - Canada
710 - USA
720 - Mexico
722 - Mexico
733 - Honduras
737 - Costa Rica
741 - Bahamas
742 - Bermuda
752 - Jamaica
756 - Dominican Republic
757 - Caribbean Islands
758 - Virgin Islands
759 - Turks Islands
760 - Barbados
761 - Netherlands Antilles/Aruba
762 - Aruba
765 - Antigua
766 - Saint Martin
767 - Cayman Islands
768 - Panama
770 - Venezuela
780 - Brazil
781 - Chile
790 - Argentina
810 - Australia/New Zealand
818 - Philippines
828 - Taiwan
838 - China
842 - New Zealand
871 - Hawaii
872 - Alaska
874 - Hong Kong
873 - Guam
888 - Hong Kong
900 - Japan
902 - AAFES, Germany
906 - Natex Retail, German NATO Airbase
907 - Rheindalen, German NATO Headquarter

When were they Introduced?

1926 Oyster Case
1927 Serial Number On Oyster Case
1931 Oyster Perpetual
1938 Bubble Back
1938 Oyster Bracelet
1945 Jubilee Bracelet
1945 Datejust
1950 "Mercedes" Hands
1953 Submariner 100m/330ft
1953 Explorer
1954 GMT-Master
1954 Submariner 200m / 660ft
1954 Cyclops (aka Magnifying bump on Crystal)
1954 Lady's Oyster Perpetual
1956 Day-Date
1956 President Bracelet
1959 Submariner gets Crown Guards and 40mm Case
1960 Deep Sea Special
1961 Oyster Cosmograph
1962 Cosmograph Daytona
1965 Submariner Date
1965 Submariner Date 18 k YG
1967 Sea-Dweller
1971 Explorer II
1972 Hacking Movement
1974 Sapphire Crystal
1976 Oysterquartz
1977 Oysterquartz Day-Date
1977 Quick Set Date Feature
1978 Sea-Dweller 4000
1979 Submariner 300m/1000ft with Sapphire Crystal
1983 GMT-Master II
1983 Submariner Rolesor (aka Sub TT)
1988 Cosmograph Daytona (Zenith Movement aka Cal. 4030)
1992 Yachtmaster
1994 Yachtmaster Lady & Mid-Sized aka Boys Size
2000 Cosmograph Daytona with new in-house Mvt (Cal. 4130)
2001 Laser Etched Hologram In Crystal
2003 "Green" Submariner Date (aka Anniversary Model with Maxi Dial)
2002 end of Y serial early 2003. Non lugs holes started to make there appearence on most models.
2004 Serial F/D on some models the Rolex Rolex Rolex On the Rehaut ring
2004 New Datejust Case
2005 New GMT-Master YG (Cal. 3186)
2006 New GMT-Master Rolesor (Cal. 3186)

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Well these are the Rolex company figures from late 2006

Corporate Address:
PO Box 1755
Rue Francois Dussaud 3
Geneva, CH 121126

Tel: (41) 223082200
Fax: (41) 223002255
Web Site:

Number of Employees: 3,000
Fiscal Year End Date: 12/31/2006

State Of Inc.: CH
Business Description:
Mfr & Sales of Watches
Import: No
Export: Yes
NAICS Code/Desc:
334518/Watch, Clock, and Part Manufacturing
SIC Code/Desc:
3873/Watches, Clocks, Clockwork Operated Devices & Parts

Personnel - Rolex S.A. (International)
CEO: Patrick Heiniger

Outside Service Firms - Rolex S.A. (International)
Advertising Agency
DDB Paris
Corporate Address:
55 rue d'Amsterdam
Paris, 75008

Tel: (33) 1 5332 5669
Fax: (33) 1 5332 6347
Web Site:
Corporate Address:
1 Knightsbridge Green
London, SW1X 7NW
United Kingdom

Tel: (44) 20 7656 7000
Fax: (44) 20 7656 7010
Web Site:

Brands & Products - Rolex S.A. (International)
CELLINI - Fine Watches
DAYTONA - Fine Watches
OYSTER - Fine Watches
ROLEX - Fine Watches

Overview - Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. (International)

Corporate Address:
665 5th Ave
New York, NY10022

Tel: (212) 758-7700
Fax: (212) 223-7443
Web Site:

Number of Employees: 500

Business Description:
Mfr. of Watches
Import: No
Export: No
NAICS Code/Desc:
423940/Jewelry, Watch, Precious Stone, and Precious Metal Merchant Wholesalers
SIC Code/Desc:
5094/Jewelry, Watches, Precious Stones & Precious Metals-Wholesale

Personnel - Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. (International)
Chm: Walter Fischer

CFO & Sr VP: Michael Elms

Outside Service Firms - Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. (International)
Advertising Agency
JWT U.S.A., Inc.
Corporate Address:
466 Lexington Ave
New York, NY10017-3140

Tel: (212) 210-7000
Fax: (212) 210-7299
Web Site:

Brands & Products - Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. (International)

Hierarchy - Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. (International)

ICom Pro3

All posts are my own opinion and my opinion only.

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Here are a couple of answers to questions that are repeatedly asked to members on this forum, and me personally at work. I’m not trying to argue with anyone. If you have more questions that have factual answers, feel free to ask.

Fact sheet:

- You cannot overwind an automatic watch.

- Your automatic watch will not keep running with just wearing it.

(You have to actually move enough to keep it wound.)

- The date can change anywhere between 11:55pm and 12:05am.
(If it changes around 12:00pm, just move your hands 12 hours forward.)

- Sapphire crystals can scratch, chip and shatter.

- Oils will dry out inside the movement over time.

(even though people claim it to be airtight/ having synthetic oils which shouldn’t dry, etc.)

- You can turn the crown both ways while manually winding your watch.
(It only works one way, but you don’t damage anything the other way.)

- You can turn the hands of your watch backwards when adjusting the time, or date. No worries!

- You can quickset the date any time of day on any Rolex.
(Be aware that with some other movement, like ETA this is not always possible)

- Any Rolex will loose it's water resistance rating if gaskets aren't replaced on a regular basis. Gaskets do deteriorate over time.

- Rolex does not sell watches on-line, and does not allow AD’s to sell over the phone or internet.

- Authorized Rolex repair centers and watchmakers are not allowed to work on watches with after-market parts on them.

- Rolex will not honor a warranty, without the original paperwork or card properly filled out and belonging to the original purchaser.
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A couple of good Rolex Service Centers not owned by Rolex Corporate..

Sutters Watch Repair
Rolex Service Center
30 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 782-7768

Rolex Service Center
210 Post St # 705
San Francisco, CA 94108-5109
(415) 982-9830

Rolex Watch Service Center
1 Wynfield Dr
Lititz, PA 17543-8000 (Lancaster, PA Metro Area)
(717) 625-1262

Southeastern Service Center
224 Vining Ct,
Ormond Beach, FL 32176
(386) 677-6355
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